Kutram kadithal movie released September 25th

Kutram kadithal movie released September 25th
JSK film corporation and Chris pictures JSK Satish kumar proudly presents the movie of ‘Kutram kadithal’ is produced by J.S.K.Satisk kumar and Christi siluvaiyappan. The movie of ‘Kutram kadithal’ is before released taken the 62 National awards at before release. The movie story based Social thriller films. ‘Kutram kadithal’ movie casts between Radhika Prasidhha, Master Ajay, Sai Rajkumar, Pavel Navageethan, Nikhila Kesavan, Kulothungan Udayakumar and Durga.
Written & Directed by Bramma.G
Produced by J Sathish Kumar & Christy Siluvappan
Cast: Radhika Prasidhha, Ajay, Sai Rajkumar, Pavel Navageethan
DOP: S. Manikandan
Editor: CS Prem
Music: Shankar RangarajanKutram kadithal

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