Jyothika Magalir Mattum Movie Review

Direction : Bramma
Production : 2D Entertainment, Chris Pictures
Starring : Jyothika, Saranya, Urvashi, Bhanupriya
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography : S. Manikandan
Editing : C. S. Prem

Jyotika’s previous film ’36 Vayadhinile’ was a female centric film and even ‘Magalir Mattum’ seems to be yet another one of this league…

If you’re intensely looking into the basic theme, both the films have a similar ground of approach. 36 Vayadhinile focused upon on the pressures and responsibilities of a house wife, played by Jyotika. In the same manner, Magalir Mattum too carries a similar pattern of story focusing on three women on how their carefree lives get changed into prison life like situation after marriages with pressures. Will the protagonist (Jyotika) change their lives forever again forms the basic premise of this film.


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