Raghava Lawrence Shivalinga release Date

Raghava Lawrence Shivalinga release Date
Trident Arts production company P.Vasu Direction the movie of ‘Shivalinga’ is remake movie Kannada film as same named. In the movie Shivalinga Kannada movie actress Vedhika plays female lead role. In Tamil movie actress role given by ‘Irudhisutru’ famous Rithika singh. Shivalinga movie casts between Raghava Lawrance, Rithika Singh and Vadivelu. Shivalinga movie released on April 14th. Shivalinga Chennai theatre list
Sathyam theatre
Inacks Mylapore
Devi Cineplex
Abiraami 7 star
Perambur S2
Vadapazhani Palazzo
Saidhai Raj
AGS T-Nagar
Bharath T-Nagar

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